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VSD/EMC Cables (Copper Tape Screened)-0.6/1kv

Product applications

Cardiff cable 0.6/1kv VSD/EMC Cables (Copper Tape Screened) are manufactured for data and signal transmission in machines and equipments as electric motors. It can also be used in EMC-sensitive environment. The copper or aluminum shields protect against any electricl interference form outside. It also meet the increasing demand in industrial automation requirments of narrow bending radius.


Conductor: fine strands of bare copper or aluminium (class 2 strands) of the type specified in AS/NZS 1125

Insulation: PVC V90

Insulation colour: Red, White and blue cores with GN/YE

Bedding: flame retardant PVC V90

Screen: tinned copper braided screen ,approx.100% coverage

Sheath: flame retardant PVC V90 to AS/NZS 3808

Sheath colour: Standard-orange


Technical data:

Rated voltage: 0.6/1kv

Test voltage: 2500V rms between conductors,between conductors and screen, 6000 rms spark test

Conductor operating temperature: PVC V90 insulated -25°C-90°C

                                  Short circuit: 160°C for 5 second

The minimum ambient temperature: 0°C after insulation and only when cables in a fixed position

Bending radius:  18x cable O.D during installation

                           12x cable O.D after installlation


International IEC60502 IEC60228 IEC60332

Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS 5000.1 AS/NZS 3808 AS/NZS 1125 AS/NZS 1660 

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