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PVC Sheathed, SWA Power Cables-0.6/1kv

Product applications

Cardiff PVC sheathed, unarmored control cable is usable in the open, dry, damp and wet environments in the open and concealed, as well as in masonry and in beton. Places as cable ducts, power stations, distribution boards as well as in subscriber networks, where mechanical damages are not to be expected are applicable for the cable. However it is not suitable for imbedding in solidified- or compressed-concrete. Outdoor usage is only possible, as long as the cable is protected against direct sunlight.


Conductor: fine strands of bare copper or aluminium (class 2 strands) of the type specified in AS/NZS 1125

Insulation: 1.5mm2-70mm2, PVC V90

                   95mm2 and above, XLPE

lnsulation colour:

                  2 cores+earth, phase core red, neutral core black, GN/YE

                  3 cores+earth, phase core red, white and blue, neutral core black,GN/YE

                  4 cores+earth, phase core red, white and blue, neutral core black, GN/YE

Bedding: flame retardant PVC V90

Armour: single layer galvanized (mild) steel wires helically applied over bedding

Sheath: PVC V90

Sheath colour: standard-orange


Technical data:

Rated voltage: 0.6/1kv

Conductor operating temperature:

              PVC V90 insulated -25°C-75°C, max 90°C, Short circuit 140°C for 5 second

              XLPE insulated -40°C-90°C, short circuit 250°C for 5 second

Surface temperature: in operation -25°C-90°C

The minimum ambient temperature: 0°C after insulation and only when cables in a fixed position

Bending radius:  18x cable O.D during installation

                           12x cable O.D after installlation


International IEC60502 IEC60228 IEC60332

Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS 5000.1 AS/NZS 3808 AS/NZS 1125 AS/NZS 1660 AS/NZS 3863

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